Myrtle Beach Carpet cleaningHere are five of the most common misconceptions about carpet cleaning Myrtle Beach.

  1. Stain removal is the main objective of carpet cleaning.

Lots of people believe the primary goal for carpet cleaning is to remove spots. In most cases, homeowners immediately point out spots on their rugs once the carpet cleaners walk inside their houses. Obviously, this is their main concern. That is simple to understand since we all wish to have a have a home that is neat and tidy, which is why we hired a carpet cleaner in the first place. But, carpet cleaning goes beyond spot removal. It is an important aspect of carpet maintenance and it helps extend the carpet’s life. Routine cleaning is paramount and is recommended by nearly all carpet manufacturers. Without routine cleaning, carpets deteriorate much faster. As a matter of fact, most of the time, the carpet’s lifespan could be reduced by at least half without routine cleaning.

  1. Renting carpet machines is a great substitute for professional cleaning.

Renting carpet machines can help you clean your carpets. But, it is impossible for a small unit like that to have enough power to perform a thorough cleaning of your carpet. If that was the case then all carpet cleaners in different parts of the globe will use one. Why would a professional carpet cleaning company spend thousands of dollars for a heavy equipment if they can use that tiny equipment that are being rented out? But the truth is, that equipment cannot give the level of water pressure, heat, and vacuum power that are offered by the equipment used by professional carpet cleaners. That’s one of the key reasons why nearly every leading carpet manufacturer suggests not only “steam cleaning”, but also “truck-mounted steam cleaning“. The bottom line is that carpet manufacturers know very well the importance and the impact of having carpets cleaned by truck-mounted carpet cleaning unit.

  1. A clean-looking carpet doesn’t need to be vacuumed.

Vacuuming has lots of purposes apart from improving the carpet’s appearance. Every single day our houses are bombarded by countless fine or microscopic particles that play a role in the carpet’s wear and tear. The carpet is a haven for dust, hair, dander, or just dirt in general. These appear like sandpaper within the fibers of your carpet, which eventually becomes worn out over time. Most of these things are so tiny and not easily seen. Although they are not noticeable, it does not mean that they cannot or will not damage your carpet. Therefore, among the vital things you can do when it comes to extending the life of your carpet is to vacuum it on a regular basis.

  1. Carpet cleaners provide “carpet protector” because they want to make some fast cash.

Contemporary carpeting, referred to as fifth-generation carpeting in the industry, is significantly improved from earlier generations. The carpet nowadays consists of many amazing stain-fighting qualities such as Teflon-based protectors and acid dye blockers. Even though these improvements made carpets stay clean a lot longer, they are still susceptible to deterioration as time passes. Due to this, it’s necessary to recoat them with carpet protector regularly.

  1. Carpets get dirty faster following a professional carpet cleaning.

In the past, when carpet cleaning companies mainly utilized the technique referred to as shampooing, this result was possible in the event the carpet cleaner failed to stick to the correct procedures. But, with the carpet cleaning techniques these days, particularly the truck mounted steam extraction, this idea is no longer feasible. Except if the carpet cleaner involved is working with cheap chemical solutions incorrectly, today’s steam cleaning procedures and cleaning solutions do not leave behind any sticky residue. It means carpets won’t re-soil faster after the carpet cleaning.

Armed with this knowledge, you’re now better equipped to establish your carpet cleaning needs. If you need to hire a reputable and trustworthy carpet cleaning company, you need to call Steam Plus Carpet Cleaning. Our expert carpet cleaners are ready to serve you.

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