cleaning servicesGrout plays a lot of roles at home. It tightly locks tiles, keeps water out, and offers walls and floors a finished appearance. Despite all these functions that grout serves, homeowners do not pay that much attention to it. They only start to take notice once it begins to fail, crack, stain, or fall out. To avoid all these, you need to do something and the best option is always to hire professional cleaning services.

Let’s take the grout on the tiles used in the kitchen. After several years of use, grease and food stains will eventually penetrate the surface, making it look messy. In some instances, the only fix is to retile or regrout. However, there is a way for you to renew the grout. All it takes is effective solutions provided by Grout Shield and seeking out the assisting of professional Myrtle Beach cleaning services.

With Grout Shield’s grout color sealer, you can alter or match the grout’s color without having to remove the existing one. Additionally, Grout Shield’s all-in-one Grout Recolor Kits lets you to easily recolor the grout. Grout Shield uses only the best ingredients to manufacture their sealer. Because of that, your guaranteed to have a product that can help you keep and maintain the feel and look of your grout, whether unsanded or sanded. If you need to change the color of the grout in your kitchen or bathroom, then Grout Shield is what you need. The sealer will work well with your backsplashes, counters, and in all other places that have grout. You can even use it around or outside your pools.

Grout Shield can custom match any color including famous grout brands like Laticrete, C-Cure, Tec, Hydroment, Custom Building Products/Polyblend. Although their sealer lets you change the grout’s color, you should not confuse it with a grout paint, stain, or dye. Compared to stain, paint, or dye, the color seal product of Grout Shield is going to bond to the grout, fill the pores, and retain the same texture and look of the original grout.

Additionally, Grout Shield Color sealer lets you alter the grout from light to dark and dark to light. Our thick sealer is also capable of covering black grout with a white sealer. If you have a full project, then consider getting Grout Shield’s Homeowner Kits. Consider getting their Clear Seal if your project involves new tile or concrete installations. If you need to bring out the color of slate, marble, granite, or other natural stones on your walls or floors, you need Grout Shield’s Clear Seal.

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