Carpet Cleaning Experts On Stubborn Chewing Gum Problems

Carpet cleaning Myrtle BeachIt is indeed a difficult task–carpet cleaning, not considering the tough and stubborn stains that you need to remove from your carpet and one of these feared stains are chewing gums. They may come from your kids who accidentally drop half-eaten chewing gums on the carpet or someone may have stepped on it while on their way home and because they didn’t remove their shoes before going inside the house, they have carried in gum pieces all over your flooring and carpet.

If you got lucky and noticed a piece of chewing gum on your carpet before anyone could step on it, you will not have to face a gooey and sticky mess. Unfortunately, this is not the case for every homeowner and you can’t possibly spend all your time guarding your carpets. Do not worry, however, because there are cleaning strategies and methods that you can do to remove the traces of gum from your carpet.

Practical Carpet Cleaning Tricks To Remove Chewing Gum

Here are a few easy carpet cleaning strategies that you should consider to remove gum from your carpet:

Press ice on the gum stain on your carpet

You don’t have to spend money on this strategy since you already have ice on hand. Carpet cleaning professionals recommend that all you have to do is press a cube of ice on the gum stain on your carpet. This will make the piece of gum hard and brittle. As a result, it will be easy to scrape off. You can use a butter knife or fork to scrape off the now brittle piece of gum. On the other hand, make sure that you press ice on all the pieces of gum stuck on your carpet.

Rub peanut butter on the gum stain

This method has been tried and tested numerous times in the past by many homeowners. Although this is more often used for gum stuck on hair, this strategy can also be used to remove gum stuck on the fibers of your carpet. Rub at least 1 teaspoon of peanut butter on the gum stain until it detaches from the fibers of your carpet. Remove the debris by using a damp washcloth. Use washcloth and soap and water to get rid of any residue left.

Use olive oil or vegetable oil as an alternative to peanut butter

One of the primary components of peanut butter is oil and that makes it effective in removing gum on your carpet. If you do not have peanut butter at home, you can use olive oil or vegetable oil as an alternative. Applying one teaspoon of oil to the gum will reduce its stickiness and will make it easy for you to pick and remove the gum. Note, however, that olive oil and vegetable oil can stain your carpet. To confirm this, apply the oil on a hidden area of your carpet and see whether or not it will leave a stain.

When using oil to remove gum, you should also remember to clean the area thoroughly with a carpet cleaning solution and vacuum. Do this right after you have successfully removed the gum from the carpet to prevent the oil from leaving a stain.

Spray WD-40

If you have WD-40 at home, you can also use this to remove sticky gum on your carpet. Be very careful, however, when using WD-40 because it is highly flammable. This is why it should not be your first option for cleaning your carpet. If you are left with no other choices, the safest way to use WD-40 is to spray it on your fingers. When you fingers are nicely coated, use them to peel off the sticky gum from the carpet. You can clean the spray from your fingers by washing your hands using a liquid dish detergent. You can also use a moist washcloth with the dish detergent to remove the spray on your carpet.

Soak the sticky gum in vinegar

Another carpet cleaning solution you can use to remove sticky gum from your carpet is vinegar. All you have to do is add a generous amount of vinegar on the part of your carpet where the gum has stuck. Wait for 15 minutes to allow the vinegar to work on the gum and loosen its stickiness. After this, you can use gently scrape off the gum from your carpet using a butter knife.

Note, however, that some types of vinegar may cause bleeding of colors in certain types of carpets. To prevent this damage on your carpet, it is highly advised that you test your vinegar on a hidden part of your carpet to make sure it will not damage your carpet.

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