carpet cleaning myrtle beachLike spring cleaning, cleaning your carpets is one of those household chores that is as not enjoyable but it is required. It’s absolutely not one of those jobs that you anticipate, reserving a weekend and counting down the days until its time.

But it is essential. Periodic carpet cleaning, usually a couple of times each year, not only improves the look and smell of your carpets, it can also enhances the carpets life expectancy and improves the air quality of your house which is very important if you or family members suffer from allergies.

There are 2 primary choices when it pertains to carpet cleaning. The very first is to employ a professional cleaning business to come in and do the job. The second way would be to purchase a carpet cleaner or rent one from your local rental outlet.

If you are an owner of pets such as large dogs or cats (even if they primarily reside outside), you know a thing or two about dirty carpets. You may have gone both the expert route and the Do It Yourself path more than once. Below is a breakdown of expert carpet cleaning versus cleaning your carpets yourself.

Hiring an Expert

There is no rejecting the fact that working with an expert carpet cleaner is your best choice if you want your carpets to be as clean as possible. The mix of their experience and their equipment permit them to extract more dirt from your carpet and dry it quicker. Hiring a local professional carpet cleaner also eliminates the guesswork, sinceĀ  every type of carpet is unique, it is required to have an understanding of the fibers and their construction (and especially the colorfastness) to pick the appropriate cleaning agents that will not cause the carpet any harm. And, professional carpet cleaning can be very affordable.

DIY Carpet Cleaning

Don’t want to spend the money for an expert carpet cleaner? Let’s admit it – Do It Yourself carpet cleaning usually doesn’t result in as cleanest of carpets, it still can do the job – and some may think it is less expensive. Steam carpet cleaners (that make use of warm water extraction) can be leased from the majority of grocery stores along with rental shops. DIY carpet cleaning. if done right, will no doubt get stains and remove dirt. So check out the process thoroughly and always read and understand the directions on the best ways to use your particular cleaning agents and specific carpet cleaning machine. Compare the cost of renting a carpet cleaning machine and your time and compare that to the cost of professional carpet cleaning.

Sound Advice

If you have not had your carpets cleaned in several years, then choose a pro. They’ll be able to get rid of ground-in dirt than you will be able to do yourself. If you have actually had your carpets cleaned recently and they are simply in need of a touch-up, then there is no harm in going Do It Yourself the very first time. See what is available for leasing in your local area and test how the cleaner works for you. If it doesn’t meet expectations, then it is simple to employ an expert the next time.

Many Myrtle Beach home owners with pets or allergies often rent a carpet cleaner every couple of months for a fast weekend cleaning. It keeps their carpets looking their best and smelling fresh. Then every year or so, they have a professional come in and get the job done completely.

What everything boils down to is what are your needs and preferences. Generally, how much traffic your carpets get. If you reside in a home full of animals like I do, then you understand that regular carpet cleaning is more than necessary.

At Steam Plus we pride ourselves in professional carpet cleaning at a reasonable price. Call today for a quote before you go the do-it-yourself carpet cleaning route.

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