Carpet Cleaning Myrtle BeachDespite your best shot at tidiness, your carpet will ultimately end up being the victim of spills, drops, mishaps, and whatever’s on the bottom of the shoes of people coming in. To learn how experts deal with problem locations and keep carpets looking new, we talked to cleaning expert Mark Damico, the owner of Steam Plus Carpet Cleaning in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina who has more than twenty years of experience.

Blot Discolorations, Do not Rub Them

Dab stains with a cleaning solution and a clean cloth, sponge or paper towels. “The secret is blotting. Blotting puts a small amount of pressure on the stain to soak it up,” Damico states. “A rubbing action on the carpet results in the breakdown of the carpet fibers causing further damage.” It is best to blot the stain from an inward direction, as blotting outside can spread out the stain.

The Club Soda Process

You may have heard that soda water works well for beer and wine stains. It holds true– if you use it properly.

Blot the location with the soda on a cloth. If that does not work, mix one part white vinegar with one part water and pour it into a portable sprayer. Spray the solution on the entire stained location and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes to soak in. Then take a clean dry sponge and press the area to absorb the stain. This process may need to be repeated in order to remove the stain entirely.

When the stain is gone, rinse the spot with warm water. To finish the process, brush the carpet in the direction it normally flows using your hand. Finally, place something heavy like a book on top of paper towels, preferably white with no color, that you have placed over the area in the carpet. This will allow towels to soak up the dampness from the carpet. Leave the towels in location till the carpet is dry, usually about one day.

Attempt Shaving Cream

Damico says shaving cream is one of the very best carpet cleaning agents for basic stains –” Just about any stain can be eliminated with every day shaving cream.” Simply apply the shaving cream to the stain and let it set for about 30 -40 minutes. Blot the cream away with a dry white cloth after it has has set. Complete by spraying the location with one part water combined with one part vinegar and then gently wiping away the carpet area with a clean cloth.

Freeze-Dried Gum

There is nothing worse than stepping in chewing gum out on the street and not realizing it up until you tracked that sticky mess onto your carpet. To remove gum, use a couple of ice cubes. Freeze the gum with ice for about 30 to 40 seconds.  Use a spoon to lift up the glob once it is frozen solid and cut the strands of carpet as near to the gum as possible. If you cut only a percentage of carpet, the spot should not be obvious.

Dishwashing machine Detergent vs Grease

Myrtle Beach Carpet CleaningThe very best technique for difficult-to-clean grease discolorations is to utilize a drop or 2 of a grease-cutting dishwashing cleaning agent, such as Dawn, in a cup of water. Just like it does with your dishes, it will cut through the grease in the carpet. Put the solution in a plastic spray bottle and spray it on the stain. Then blot it up. You might have to do this several times for larger discolorations.

Heat Wax

Many homeowners use candles for ambiance or for a clean smell in the house can can result in wax dripping onto the carpet, where it becomes embedded when it drys. The best solution is to heat it back up to remove it. Find a clean white cloth and place it over an iron, then put the hot iron on top of the wax to warm it up. Once that is done, scrape off the wax with a butter knife.

Essential note: Do not use the iron this way for more than 30 seconds or you risk burning the carpet. And be sure to utilize a white cloth or white towels given that colored ones can leave the color on the carpet when heated up, particularly if you have a light-colored carpet.

Hydrogen Peroxide to the Rescue

Dried blood can really stand out on your carpet. However suffering a paper cut on your finger and getting a couple of drops on the carpet does not imply your carpet is doomed.

” Hydrogen peroxide will go out blood all day,” Damico says. First, to loosen set dried blood use a mild cleaning agent mixed with water. Then remove as much blood from the fibers as you can. To remove the rest, apply hydrogen peroxide directly to the stain. The solution will instantly foam when it contacts the blood, so don’t be shocked. Then dab the stained area with towels to dry the carpet.

Clean Pet Accidents Organically

Even trained animals can have a pet accident on the carpet. Steam Plus Carpet Cleaning recommends natural cleaners, which can cost around $10 for a spray bottle, rather than utilizing chemicals. Spray the cleaner at the pet accident. Some scrubbing may be necessary. Then clean up the area with a cloth or towels. Eco-Spot and similar cleaners can likewise be used to eliminate other types of discolorations, consisting of coffee and sauces.

Candy Crushed

If you have kids in your home, it’s only a matter of time prior to candy ending up in the carpet. The best solution is to scrape it with a brush or a butter knife. Then, using a sponge, use water blended with a moderate soap. It is necessary to remove all the sugar from the area on the carpet. Failure to do so will lead to that carpet area attracting dirt and debris quickly. Once the candy is gotten rid of, dry the spot by blotting it with a fabric or towels.

Deep-Clean Regularly

Cleaning up the carpet is necessary to keeping it looking fresh and new. Steam cleaning involves utilizing a cleaning option under pressure injected deep into the carpet through water-jet nozzles. Then the steam cleaning machine draws out the solution together with the dirt and debris in the carpet. The water will penetrate the fiber of the carpet all the way down to the backing and remove grease and dirt, loosen any embedded soil, and get your carpet cleaner than it has ever been.

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