Carpet Cleaning_Myrtle BeachYour carpet may look clean and in great shape but deep within lies contaminants, dust mites and dirt. These tiny dust particles are like sandpaper that can damage rug fibers each time you walk your carpet. That’s why it is essential to clean carpets routinely, even if it looks clean. We asked the professionals from Steam Plus Carpet Cleaning in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to give light on:

Several Carpet Cleaning Processes

Vacuuming Regularly

These carpet cleaning experts want to let you that the most effective method to keep carpets tidy is to vacuum in a gradual back and forth repeated strokes. Exactly how gradually? Steam Plus Carpet Cleaning professional states that it should only take around 20-minutes to properly vacuum a 300 sq.ft. room. In doing so, about 85% of the dry dirt in the carpet is removed. Vacuuming must be done two times a week, on average.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Here’s a tip from professionals: if you want to expand the lifespan of your rug, it is particularly important to have it expertly cleaned annually, at the very least. Experts say that a lot of carpet producers suggest the carpet steam cleaning technique. This permeates deep right into the fibers as well as raises out the dust and airborne pollutants from our shoes. Additionally, it removes the majority of the moisture, which is why your rugs completely dry significantly fast. (Always talk to your carpet supplier prior to cleaning.).

Do-It-Yourself Steam Cleaners

For sure, there will certainly be instances when your rug needs an emergency cleaning. In the case of heavier stains, a DIY steam cleaner can do the job.  But professional steam cleaners warn you not to make use of the steam cleaning solution in the package. This can leave behind a soapy residue that can attract more dust and will leave unsightly soap stain. Instead, you can use water or a white vinegar solution to clean the rug. Another important reminder is to make sure not to apply just enough water when utilizing a DIY steam cleaner. When water is left in the carpeting, it can create mildew and moldy smell.

In case, your carpet attracts unusual muddy prints, never rub it while mud is still wet. Instead, let the mud dry first, then scrape off mud from the rug and vacuum what’s left. If vacuuming does not do the job, use a steam cleaner.

Avoid muddy carpets from making a huge mess on your carpets, Steam Plus Carpet Cleaning has the right cleaning solution to make you carpet look good as new!

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