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We help to keep your home and workplace virus free. By utilizing the newest virus fighting technology we here at Steam Plus of Myrtle Beach are trained in the sanitization of viruses such as Covid-19 and most common viruses also. Disinfecting your home or workplace with electrostatic spraying can significantly reduce your chances of getting sick this winter. The electrostatic spraying process keeps you safer than just wiping the surfaces you can see and reach.

To see how the process works check out the video below here.

What is electrostatic spraying and how does it provide superior virus disinfectant?

The short answer is that it’s a way to disinfect and sanitize from viruses like Covid 19, ridding your home or business from viruses of all forms including the Flu virus.

How does electrostatic virus sanitization work?

Our virus sanitizing product is added to water then combined with high pressure air, as it travels through the spray gun nozzle, the spray is atomized and becomes the sanitizer that kills the viruses. As the droplets pass an electrode inside of the nozzle head, virus killing electrons are induced onto the droplets as they leave the nozzle with a highly negative charge. The negatively charged droplets of sanitizer are then carried along by a stream of air, following the electrical field of force lines towards the target without losing their jars. The closer the charged sanitizing droplets get to the target, the stronger the electrostatic force of attraction resulting in all hidden surface areas and providing complete and total coverage within minutes. The fine spray dries and our virus protective product and disinfectant then bonds to the surface area and is ready to destroy deadly and harmful viruses.

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