A Complete Guide To Grout Cleaning and Maintenance

Grout cleaningIf you love beautiful bathroom tiles, one of the disadvantages is the grout. Its primary function is to keep the tiles together. However, because it is light-colored and porous, it is a bit prone to water damage and stain. So, you might be wondering if there is no other material that we can use, an option that is more water friendly. New grout looks great, however, if it is not cared for properly, it can be cracked, mildewed, or stained. And once grout begins to crack, water can start seeping behind the walls and create a great deal of damage. For everyday upkeep to changing the grout, here is your guide to grout cleaning and maintenance to extend the grout’s lifespan, prevent premature money and time wasting grout replacement.

Daily Cleaning

Daily wiping and spraying especially after taking a bath or shower is important to keep the tiles clean and stop premature damage and staining. Even though it might seem a bit more annoying, it will save you a lot of work in the future. The very first thing you have to do is to find a good squeegee. Find one that is easy to hold and one that will work great. Each time you take a shower or bath, be sure to run the squeegee on the glass walls, tile, and doors to get rid of excess water.

You should spray the glass and tile using a mild and ordinary shower cleaner. You can create your own grout cleaning solution by combining a 4:1 water to vinegar mixture, or find a green cleaner. There are types that come with a great scent and wonderful cleaning power. In case you were not able to find a certain product, several cleaning brands have an everyday shower cleaner so find which one you like best. This everyday routine that will keep your bath or shower clean and it will lessen the time you need to scrub.

Weekly Cleaning

Although you will keep your glass and wall cleaner with the routine mentioned earlier, you still need to give your bath or shower a deep clean at the very least once a week or 2 weeks at most. Despite the daily Myrtle Beach grout cleaning routine, soap scum and body oils will cling to the surfaces.

A weekly or perhaps a bi-weekly, will provide your grout a good preventative clean using a baking soda and water paste. Rub the mixture to the grout and brush it using clear water. In case your grout appears a bit more stained than normal, you can use hydrogen peroxide rather than water. However, you should be careful and avoid mixing vinegar with hydrogen peroxide. In case you have used vinegar as your daily spray before you clean the shower, rinse it off first before you use hydrogen peroxide.

Seriously Stained Grout

Steam Plus offers Grout Shield and their reliable cleaning service. With Grout Shield, you will be able to alter or match the color of your grout without the need for grout replacement. It allows you to recolor it using the all in one Grout Re-Color Kits. The sealer offered by Steam Plus is made of high quality ingredients, which means you can keep the appearance of your existing unsanded or sanded grout. This brand new product offered by Steam Plus is best for making a brand new look by altering the grout’s color, may it be on your bathroom walls or floors. It can be used in any place that has grout.

Changing Your Grout

Breaking, flaking and tiles that are coming off are a few of the signs that your grout needs replacement. It is essential that you do something about it as soon as you can because water can easily get into your walls and lead to worse damage. If you have the skills and tools then you can do this task yourself. But if you don’t you need to hire an expert who offers grout restoration or replacement services.

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