Carpet cleaning Myrtle BeachIt is that time of year again when leaves begin to fall and the winter season starts. But nothing says more than the winter season than the holidays. It does not matter where you live, mid-November constantly marks the beginning of the holidays, filled with household guests, lights, decors, and plenty of food. But along with all of the holiday festivities come all of the inevitable messes, tidying and carpet cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Guide This Holiday Season

Steam Plus knows that hosting throughout the holidays will be very challenging, and carpet cleaning professionals want you to have fun on the holidays with as little tension as possible, so here is a guide to make sure a healthier, cleaner and stain-free holiday:

  • Putting a rug in places that are often used, such as entryways to your house, will safeguard carpets from unneeded staining and use from all the visitors going in and outside your home.
  • Demand that visitors remove their shoes when going into your house since shoes frequently bring dirt and dust particles on their soles. Asking guests to take them off will prevent gunk from being sticking in your carpets.
  • Before hosting a holiday feast, try to vacuum to prevent dirt from settling and building up in your carpet.
  • The possibility of a spill dramatically rises during the holidays. If you come across a stain, the first thing to do is to blot it with lukewarm water to stop it from sinking into the rug.
  • Carpet cleaning professionals suggest that vacuuming right after the party is always the best way to prevent food particles from settling deep into the carpet.

Removing Carpet Stains

In case the worst happens and a visitor left a carpet stain, here’s what you need to do.

  • Do not panic and ensure not to rub the stain.
  • Avoid putting an extreme quantity of water over the stain in the hopes of removing it. The stain might bleed and sink into the carpet deeper making it harder to remove.
  • The best way to clean the stain is to mix white vinegar and warm water or dishwashing soap.
  • For a red white wine spill, dip a clean towel with the cleaning mixture and dab consistently until the stain breaks and then dab with a clean cloth. For hard, persistent discolorations, you can always ask help from professionals carpet cleaners like Steam Plus Carpet Cleaning.
  • If you have an animal that gets worried around big groups of individuals and reveals his/her nerves inside by urinating, blot up as much of it as you can with a towel.
  • Get a deep and healthy carpet cleaning that will dry in a few hours, so you will be prepared for your holiday feast instantly.

Have a worry-free holiday and forget about carpet cleaning for a while, let Steam Plus Carpet Cleaning do it for you this holiday season.

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