carpet cleaning Myrtle BeachAutumn is just right around the corner which suggests that in some parts of the country, the weather starts to get cooler and wetter. Did you know that humidity has some harmful impacts on carpets that homeowners should know about? According to professional carpet cleaners, homeowners should learn about the best ways to take care of their carpets during these times so they last longer and smell cleaner.

Carpet Cleaner Tips on Dealing With Humidity and Carpets

For starters, water, when mixed with dirt, is a damaging combination. When the rain starts to fall, it’s not just water but a combination of dirt as well. So when dirt and dust get stuck in the carpet, it smells bad. More so, when moisture sets in, mold develops which damages the carpet fibers.

In addition, a damp environment is more inviting for germs and other insects. Pests like fleas require a particular level of humidity for their eggs to hatch out. Mold, mildew, and allergen multiply in damp locations as well. If any of your family members deal with an allergic reaction, a damp home will certainly make them even worse.

Humidity is not just bad for rugs because of mold build up, it also causes carpets to wrinkle or twist. If you want your carpets to last longer, carpet cleaning professionals suggest on maintaining a regular temperature level in your home. Both heat and humidity can cause the carpet to swell while during the cold weather, it will cause the carpet to contract. This cycle is the reason why there are carpets with undesirable ripples.

Prevent Carpet Damage, What To Do

  • During the rainy days, use a humidifier at home and set it at least 40-50% setting to maintain maximum humidity. To get the carpets to dry faster, it is best to maintain dryer air. But if the humidity is too high, it will be harder for the carpets to dry.
  • In the summer or warmer weather, open up the home windows to allow natural air to go inside the house. Having fresh air in your home is additionally great for your health and wellness and will eliminate any odor.
  • Maintain a regular temperature level in your house by setting the thermostat to control the heating and cooling systems, depending on the weather or season.
  • In case your carpets get wet, it is also advisable to use electric fans to dry them up. This is just a “first aid” action until you have called in professional carpet cleaners to deal with the carpet.

It is true that we need water to live, but not when it comes to our carpets. For more carpet cleaning tips and information, you can always call Steam Plus Carpet Cleaning!


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