Carpet Cleaning Myrtle BeachDirty carpets not only give a home a foul smell, but they decrease its worth when it comes time to sell your home. Even if you only want a clean home for now for the holidays or for preparing your home for sale, hiring someone to do it makes that easy. The advice included here will help you find a person that you can trust and that will do a good job.

Your Myrtle Beach Carpet Cleaning Guide

  1. Keep your eyes open for add-on fees that Myrtle Beach carpet cleaners might tack on. A company may offer an incredible price at first, but once they have completed the job, they will add lots of additional charges. You will end up with a bill that you were not expecting.
  2. Many companies will give a quote over the phone and if you have a typical square room with a couple of rooms this is probably alright. However, if you have a more complex space it is best that you have a carpet cleaning company visit your home to give you an initial quote. They will be able to offer a more accurate calculation if they can see the rooms first. Do not forget to ask for a written quote before hiring their services.
  3. Carpet cleaning companies in Myrtle Beach use different methods to get results. One technique offered by many companies is called absorption pad clean. A product similar to a buffer is used in this method. Spinning absorbent pads soak up dirt, germs, stains, and mold from the carpets underneath them.
  4. Dust mite problems require that you get a special deep clean. You will know if this is a problem if you have allergies and respiratory problems. Though dust mites reside deep in carpets, an expert can remove them, utilizing the proper tools. Particularly if you get your carpets cleaned regularly, you will not have as many problems with dust mites.
  5. When vacuuming, divide the room into smaller sections to make your job easier. It is best to concentrate on one area at a time and vacuum against the grain of the carpet. Doe each section before vacuuming again, this time in the direction of the carpet grain. For instance, divide a square living area into four equal areas and concentrate on one area prior to moving to the next.
  6. Any professional carpet cleaning firm will guarantee their work. A Myrtle Beach carpet cleaning service that does not guarantee its work should not be considered. If you are not satisfied with the first results, let the company try to fix it. But, if you still do not get the results you want after a second opportunity, ask to get your money back.
  7. If the company you choose to clean your carpets offers a warranty, remember it as time goes on. This could come in handy later. If you want to do something to the carpet, such as anti-static or stain treatment, run it by the carpet cleaning company first. This is the best way to avoid canceling your warranty.

The tips you have just read will teach you everything you need to know with regards to hiring a carpet cleaning service. You will be amazed at just how good your carpets can look! You will enjoy living in a much cleaner home, so you need to get going.


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