Steam Carpet Cleaning Myrtle BeachCarpet is designed to be lived on and walked on. And since your kids play on it, your shoes are on it a lot and your pets sleep on it. So while you might very well know all that happens on top of your carpet, it is what you don’t know and can’t see deep down in your carpet that may surprise you.

While you can always clean up spills and treat stains, there are things living in your carpet and carpet padding that you don’t really want to know. But, of course, you DO want to know how to make sure your carpet is clean and safe for all the living that goes on in your home.

To see just how clean the carpet in your home is, try running a vacuum cleaner and observing how much dirt and debris it picks up. Then use a vacuum that has eco-friendly features on it, such as HEPA filters, etc., and see how much additional dirt it vacuums up. Now, use an organic cleaner and go over the floor once more and check the water and see how dirty it is. It will be dirty simply because it doesn’t matter how often you vacuum your carpet, you need to have it cleaned as well, with products that are organic, in order to really stay truly clean.

Commercially made carpet cleaning preparations aren’t safe, so you need to learn about natural and organic alternatives.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Myrtle Beach Guide

  • Clean any spills immediately to avoid stains setting in. Salt can help absorb spills. If you get a big spill like wine, use only a damp cloth (not wet) with some good organic cleaner to work on the spill.
  • Avoid rental cleaners and cleaning products to steam clean the carpet. The chemicals are unsafe for your home and all the steam can leave the padding underneath wet, causing mildew problems. A steam carpet cleaning Myrtle Beach professional knows how to use steam to clean properly.
  • If you have pets, you already know that they can leave your home and the carpet in your home, smelling like, well, pets. This is especially true with cats. At the very least, use baking soda on your carpet to help get rid of pet odors. Or there are good natural, organic cleaners that will treat pet stains and odors.
  • Always try to find carpet cleaning systems that have a low-moisture option. By using a machine with this feature, you will not soak the padding underneath the carpet and cause mildew problems.
  • Look for natural or organic cleaners that are designed for high-traffic areas of your home. Make sure it’s a safe product to use if you have pets and children. You may be one of those people that prefer elbow grease to cleaning machines. Either way, make sure the chemicals you use are natural. You can even use very basic ingredients such as a solution of water and vinegar. This can be quite effective.
  • Remember to regularly schedule for steam carpet cleaning so you can have the peace of mind of knowing you’re maintaining the safest, cleanest carpet for your family to enjoy for years to come!

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