upholstery Cleaning Myrtle Beach SCUpholstery cleaning is one of the many tasks included in a homeowner’s cleaning routine. Fortunately, this task can now be easily completed with the use of furniture cleaners and other cleaning products. If you do not have a lot of time to clean your furniture, you will benefit from using cleaning products. Just make sure you are purchasing organic or non-toxic cleaning products so as not to put you and your family’s health at risk as well as not to cause harm to the environment.

There are many furniture cleaners available on the market today that you can purchase for your sofas and chairs. Be sure that you buy one that is suitable for the type of sofa and chair that you are cleaning. Keep in mind that there are cleaners specific only for leather sofas and there are those that are manufactured specifically for fabric sofas.

Here are some helpful tips for you when you are using furniture cleaners for your upholstery cleaning.

Always test the cleaner in a small and concealed part of your sofa

You can never be too sure on the effect of a cleaner or a detergent on your furniture. To confirm that it is safe to use for your sofas, test the product on a small hidden area of your sofa. Always do this even if it says on the label that it is safe for use on sofas and furniture similar to yours. Testing it in a small and hidden area will not make a large and obvious mess or damage to your sofa as oppose to directly applying it to the stain.

Consider different ways to clean leather sofas

If you have a leather sofa and you want to make it shine like new, there are lots of special leather cleaning products available in the local home store that you can use. Similar to using fabric sofa cleaners and other furniture cleaning products, test the product on a small hidden area of your furniture to ensure it does not cause damage to your leather sofa.

To remove a stain on your leather sofa, consider combining a very mild clothes detergent with a small amount of water. Use a microfiber cloth to spot clean the stain. Many experts also highly recommend the use of saddle soap as these contain oils and waxes which are great for leather sofas. These oils and waxes add moisture to the leather, allowing it to better maintain its natural shine.

Avoid relying too much on furniture cleaners

Upholstery cleaning can sometimes be completed through regular vacuuming and blotting stains as soon as they happen. You do not always have to use furniture cleaners. Keep in mind that some of these cleaning products and detergents can affect the quality of your leather or fabric sofas and using them often may result in fading or wearing out of your sofa’s material.

If your sofa was stained, get to it immediately. Blot it at once to prevent it from seeping through the fabric or through the gaps of your sofa. Sometimes, dabbing the stain with a small amount of water can effectively remove the stain. This especially works with stains that are still fresh.

If you need to use a cleaning product or detergent, make sure you test it in a small hidden area first. Also, you need to carefully read and strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions in using the cleaning product.

Use natural deodorizer to minimize odors from cleaning products

Some cleaning products leave a strong odor on your furniture after using them. These smells may become deeply embedded on your sofa depending on the material of your sofa and the frequency of using the cleaning products.

To remove the odor from the furniture cleaners that you use, apply a natural or organic deodorizer to your furniture. A wide variety of these is available in many local shops. Or if you do not have time to go out and buy a deodorizer, simply spray your sofa with baking soda before heading to bed. In the morning vacuum the powder using your vacuum’s soft brush attachment. Baking soda works great in absorbing unwanted odors in any type of surfaces or materials.

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