Myrtle Beach carpet cleaningCarpet mold is among the unpleasant things that can linger in your home. No one wants to have that in their home right? Unfortunately, mold in carpets is hard to spot until it becomes too late.

Everyone knows that wet or damp areas can trigger molds to grow especially on carpets. The solution, according to carpet cleaners is to keep moisture under control. This is just half the truth since there are several factors to consider in order to prevent molds from developing in your carpet.

How Molds Develop

Various research conducted revealed a more complicated photo of how mold grows in the carpet and the ideal ways to prevent it.

Research studies were conducted to find out whether high humidity triggered mold development on carpets.

Carpets, be it brand-new, old, clean and unclean, went through numerous levels of humidity. Experts wanted to see if high humidity at 80% or higher triggered the growth of molds in carpets.

Surprisingly, more than humidity, it was dirt that added to mold development. So, carpets that were greatly and even gently stained reproduced even more mold than when clean carpets were subjected to the same levels of wetness.

Thus, high humidity plus dirt is the formula for mold development.

Ways To Avoid Carpet Mold

 Professional carpet cleaners suggest that preventing mold on your carpets is fairly easy to do.

  • Keep Humidity Low: 65% humidity and lower is the best level for keeping a mold-free carpet. Even 60% humidity is often pointed out as the greatest preferable level. If your home is not naturally low in humidity, set up a portable dehumidifier.
  • Keep Temperature Levels Low: Temperature level can add to mold development in carpet, with 80 F and greater is specified as high. Having an efficient HVAC system will eliminate 2 birds with one stone: it both reduces humidity and temperature levels.

Cleanliness is The Key

Scientists and professional carpet cleaners advise homeowners to always maintain clean carpets at home. This is because clean carpets prevent the growth of mold no matter the level of humidity or moisture. Even tidy carpets that were known to have active mold spores did not have extra mold development.

Dirty or unclean carpets grow mold because dirt includes mold spores. Second, dirt contains moisture which when combined with the area’s ambient humidity offers an abundant breeding place for mold.

While there is no main meaning of “tidy,” it is presumed that a carpet vacuumed on a weekly basis will clean up a carpet enough to prevent mold development.

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