Steam Carpet Cleaning: Should You Do It?

Steam carpet cleaning Myrtle BeachSteam carpet cleaning is one of the most highly recommended methods by professionals. The primary reason for this is because it is the most effective method to properly and effectively clean your carpets. This can be accomplished either by hiring professionals or by purchasing or renting the appropriate cleaning machine.

In this article, you will find more information about this specific method of carpet cleaning, particularly how and why should you do it.

Questions about steam cleaning your carpet

What is steam carpet cleaning?

According to experts, this method of carpet cleaning involves the use of water and a special carpet cleaning machine. The water is heated in the machine and the resulting steam is what actually cleans the fibers of the carpet. If the carpet has stains, a cleaning solution can be added to the water to help remove the stain.

How frequent should I steam clean my carpets?

Professional carpet cleaning companies and many carpet manufacturers, homeowners should steam clean their carpets at least once every year and more frequently depending on how frequent the carpets are used.

Which types of carpets can be steam cleaned?

All types of carpets can be steam cleaned. On the other hand, if you use nylon carpeting, it becomes more important and extremely critical for you to steam clean your carpet. In fact, it is the best cleaning method for nylon carpets because it helps the nylon fibers bounce back and; thus, improve the appeal and appearance of your nylon carpets.

Do it yourself steam carpet cleaning

Homeowners have the option to steam clean their own carpets. On the other hand, they will be required to buy or rent special steam cleaning machines from their local hardware. This is the perfect solution if you find your carpets often get dirty or spilled on, which is often the case for households with small children and pets.

Although a highly convenient option, renting steam cleaning machines may not always be the best solution for you. There are machines that have been for rented for some years, which may reduce their effectiveness and efficiency in helping you clean your carpet. Plus, some renters do not bother to clean and remove the water and cleaning solution that they used upon returning the machine. To ensure the machine you will be renting will do more good than harm to your carpet, you will need to carefully choose and inspect the machine. Make sure it is still in good condition. Otherwise, you will need to buy your own steam cleaning machine or hire a professional.

If you decide to do steam cleaning on your own, you will need to consider other factors that may affect the result of the process aside from the efficiency of the steam cleaner that you will be using. In particular, you will need to consider setting the right temperature of the water and the amount and type of cleaning solution to add. For best results, seek professional assistance regarding the exact methods and processes for steam cleaning.

Professional steam carpet cleaning

There are lots of benefits in hiring professionals to steam clean your carpets. Generally, this is your best option properly taking care of and maintaining your carpets; especially if your household is not prone to frequent spills and accidents. Professionals including MBHS Carpet Cleaning will use large steam cleaning machines that can either be mounted to their trucks or carried to your home.

Truck-mounted machines offer the highest quality of steam cleaning but cannot be used in apartments and condo buildings. Their portable steam cleaning machines are still efficient in cleaning your carpets and works great in smaller houses, apartments and condo buildings.

Depending on the size and type of your carpet, professionals will know which type of and how much cleaning solution to add to the water in the machine to be able to efficiently clean your carpets. They have also been trained to efficiently operate the machine and set up the right temperature for the water. Plus, they can walk you through other cleaning methods for your carpets that you can do on a weekly or monthly basis.

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