carpet cleaningThe Memorial Day party is over and the guests have gone home. Is now a good time to clean your carpets? Most professionals say yes and here is why.

After Party Carpet Cleaning

Drink and food spills are common during a summer holiday party. The longer a spot remains on the carpet, the more likely it can develop into a permanent stain. A spot typically can be removed; a stain, on the other hand, describes an actual staining of carpet fibers and can be far harder to get rid of.

When carpets are soiled, there is a very good chance that these soils, specifically if they are damp or are grease or oil, can gather on shoe bottoms and be carried into other carpeted areas, spreading the problem.

Lots of customers address spills and staining throughout the party by cleaning the problem area immediately; as carpet cleansing experts know, blotting– not rubbing– is the way to get rid of a spill before it starts to stain.

Lastly, not all soiling is apparent. Some carpet cleaning specialists recommend if clients wait until soiling is apparent– specifically after a party — they have waited too long. It can end up being far more difficult to get rid of the stain.

Addressing Other Before and After Carpet Concerns 

Due to the fact that carpet distributors, carpet cleaners, and contract cleaners are  facility operations consultants for a number of their customers, property managers may have other problems and issues to attend to prior to a big holiday event at their facility. Consumers and property managers are most likely to ask the following questions:

How can we secure our carpet prior to a vacation event?

Setting up liquid absorbent rugs and even tarps around food service areas is the No. 1 step to take. And due to negative weather conditions that might exist throughout vacation time– and the subsequent moisture, salt, and soils that can track in on shoe bottoms– matting must be set up at entry points and all heavily-trafficked locations.

If we clean the carpet before the event, should we also use a Scotchguard Protection?

remove carpet stainsThe response in most cases is “yes.” Stain protection assists to ward off water and moisture and withstand soiling, all of which are huge considerations for a holiday occasion. Once used on the carpet, the protection provides an invisible guard to protect carpet fibers. This barrier also enables dry spills to vacuum up more quickly because the carpet protection assists to keep dry soils from embedding in carpet fibers.

However, specialists, carpet cleansing specialists, and distributors need to advise their clients that when it concerns spills and damp soils on carpet, the protection will only give the customer more time to clean up spills. If allowed to set on the carpet, the damp soiling will eventually permeate this protective barrier.

Should we aim to clean up spots as they take place or wait up until after the party?

More than likely a consumer is going to clean up spills and areas right away, so the best thing to do is to encourage them on the safest internal spotting procedures. For instance, as mentioned previously, spills need to be blotted out of the carpet using a clean, white cloth. Do not rub or try to wipe them. After blotting, and if most of the spill appears to be gone, you may blot or carefully rub the area utilizing warm water and a small amount of dishwashing liquid.

Should we clean our carpet using a hot-water carpet extractor?

The answer is both “yes” and “no.” If there has been excessive spotting, then a hot-water machine with a perfect-heat system will assist the cleansing chemicals work more effectively and likely lead to more reliable cleaning. However, in the interest of sustainability and the environment, it may be best to attempt cleaning up the carpets with a cold-water system and an extractor that uses water more efficiently. Cold-water extractors do not need as much electricity, and an efficient carpet extractor recycles cleansing solution, assisting to use considerably less water.

Call a professional for the best cleaning of your carpets rather than trying to do-it-yourself. They have the experience and equipment to get the job done right.

Have a Strategy

When we step back and take a look at what is best for our investment in our floors, we see that the key to keeping a home clean and healthy is having a strategy, and this is certainly applies when it comes to carpet care around holiday party events. Correct cleaning of carpet, before and after an event, not just keeps the carpet looking its best, however it can extend the life expectancy of the carpet considerably.

All of us at SteamPlus Carpet Cleaning hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend and are ready for a great summer. Now is a great time to have your carpets cleaned and be ready for those unexpected guests that pop in over the summer to visit you at the beach.

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