Tile and Grout Restoration Myrtle BeachThere are numerous carpet cleaners who explore the world of tile and grout restoration as a profitable additional service. However, those who are fairly new to this service discover that it is tough to sell such services. This is because of expectations not being met and other difficulties encountered in tile and grout service.

Thankfully, just like the most things in life, being well-informed of the process will prepare you for your brand-new service.

What are the three typical questions and complaints from clients?

  1. How will we clean the floor when grout is inconsistent in some areas while some cleaned up better than others?
  2. How reliable is the sealant last when discolorations appear immediately even after it was just sealed?
  3. How long will it last when the grout is already dirty after just a couple of months.

These are all real issues, specifically if sensible consumer expectations are not agreed prior to the task. But as a service, if you always rely on these three things to set your standards, you are on the path to overselling your service.

So how do you take control of the sale?

Simple, offer the client alternatives and become an experienced tile and grout cleaning specialist. There is nothing wrong with presenting the client with various price range for the same service. In this manner, those consumers who select the more economical alternative understand that the repair might not be completely successful, however, they still agree to accept this in exchange for a lower expense.

Providing clients with several service alternatives will also help them weigh the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a service at a certain cost.

It would probably be the most fulfilling day to close a sale before even offering it to a client. But that is not how the tile and grout restoration business works. There are several things you need to do to earn enough sales and recommendation. Better pay close attention to the tips below:

  • Put together a sales package– something that is no bigger than a little toolbox. It should include 16-ounce bottles of your most utilized cleaners, a scrub brush, terry fabrics and 10-15 two-ounce bottles of the color seal.
  • Rework your state of mind; Remember that you are not offering tile and grout services. The only thing you’re offering is a demonstration on every sales call.
  • Be an expert and talk like you are one. Do not fret about exactly what the client wishes to hear.

It is best to manage custom expectation before closing a deal. Make sure the client feels that his issues are addressed. Then, discuss that there are several service choice levels to choose from and demonstrate. This will develop a sensible level of expectation for the client.

How to manage client expectations?

Doing a demonstration will develop the majority of consumer expectations, and will require the client and sales representative to resolve the advantages and disadvantages of each choice.

All you have to do is get comfortable discussing the three service levels to get rid of a lot of misconceptions.

Three service levels:

  1. Basic Cleaning

This includes cleaning the tile. However, cleaning the grout will be challenging. There might be some irreversible stains but a 90 percent improvement is not that bad, just be sure that the client understands this in advance.

  1. Cleaning and clearing the seal

Clearing impregnating sealants will not conceal grout stains and flaws. It will make the grout less permeable and keep discolorations closer for better cleaning. All these things should be discussed with the client.

  1. Cleaning and coloring the seal

Coloring the seal restores grout back to its almost original condition. It conceals stains and makes the grout non-porous. All grout will tarnish in time, so the length of time a flooring remains appealing will depend on maintenance and foot traffic.

Always remember that when you resolve prospective issues prior to a task, you will be seen as an expert. If you put in the time, at the point of sale, to do a presentation of the above alternatives and successfully describe the benefits and drawbacks, all your tile and grout restoration issues will rapidly develop into pleased consumers.

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