Upholstery Cleaning Tips Before Christmas Day

upholstery cleaningIf you are a do-it-yourself homeowner, you will surely find these upholstery cleaning tips helpful especially since Christmas Day is just around the corner. Aside from saving money from not having to pay professionals, the fulfillment you feel after doing a great job of cleaning your furniture is what makes DIY worth it. Plus, if you have kids and pets in the household, you will not have to constantly have a professional come to your house to restore your furniture. Or, worse, you will not have to buy new furniture every couple of years. It is also highly satisfying once you see the faces of your guests while looking extremely pleased with your spotless clean upholstery.

Listed below are some helpful tips that you can try to keep your furniture looking fresh and new always.

  1. Immediately clean the stain as soon as you see them

According to upholstery cleaning experts, the key to successfully cleaning your furniture is to do it quickly and in timely manner. Thus, you will need to clean the stains as soon as they happen. This will prevent the stains from seeping through the fibers of the furniture and will eventually be difficult to remove.

To ensure you are able to clean the stains on your furniture, you should keep cleaning cloths, paper towels or wet wipes near where your sofa and other furniture is. Use the absorbent cleaning cloth and paper towels to dab at the stain. Avoid rubbing because it will only lead to damaging the fabric of your furniture. It is best to start blotting and dabbing from the outsides of the stain and work your way toward the center of the stain.

  1. Make the vacuum cleaner your best friend

It is the vacuum cleaner that will help you keep your sofas and other upholstery clean and free of dust, debris, dirt and even pet hair. Use a vacuum that has several attachments that you can use for your upholstery and furniture. Choose the appropriate attachment for your furniture. Make sure the attachment that you choose will not damage the fabric of your furniture.

  1. Note the specific type of stain

Keep in mind that each specific type of upholstery stain requires specific upholstery cleaning methods. Thus, if you know the specific type of stain, you will be able to implement the suitable type of cleaning strategy.

For food, wine, coffee, pee and poop (from your pets and your small children) can be removed via steam cleaning. You may have to repeat the cleaning process several times to remove more stubborn stains. For more difficult to clean stains, it is recommended that you hire a professional from Steam Plus Carpet Cleaning.

  1. Rent a steam cleaner

There are lots of local shops and stores that allow renting of their steam cleaners and other cleaning equipment. If you are not using the steam cleaner for more than once in every year, it is more logical to rent the machine. But if you find that you need to use it more often because of your stubborn dog that does not want to pee outside, you will need to invest on a steam cleaner.

Make sure the steam cleaner that you buy has wheels and can be easily moved throughout the house. It should also have different types of attachments to help you clean your upholstery and remove stains and dirt. For helpful suggestions and recommendations, consult a professional.

If you need help in cleaning your carpets or upholstery before Christmas, call Steam Plus Carpet Cleaning now.

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