upholstery cleaningWhen it comes to cleaning the house, you know you’ve got it all figured out. You are your friends’ go-to person when it comes to tips on how to strip stubborn grease off your pans, remove stains on clothes and even how to grow your own herb garden. But just like any fairy tale story, the main character always has a weakness, and in your case– it’s furniture cleaning.

Obviously, you know that upholstery cleaning is not your ideal household task. What makes this task complicated is the number of things you should figure out, starting with your furniture’s cleaning codes.

While some have mastered these codes with a few months of practice, others even took years to master. But if you’re a quick learner, you can do it in a few week’s time. Don’t worry, this task will become easier and simpler if you remember these codes.

Upholstery Cleaning Codes to Remember

Using the wrong cleaning product on your furniture may cause more damage than you think. Just like clothes fabric, every upholstery is also labeled with different care instructions. Generally, you will find the letters W, S, WS, or X in your furniture’s labels. These letters will give you the clue on which type of cleaning solution or product you should use.

A furniture marked with “W” is the easiest to clean. It just means you need to use a “Water-Based Cleaning Agent” or simply water to remove stains or clean your furniture. Furniture with this label is most recommended for households with small children where there are higher chances of spills and stains.

If you see the letter “S” on your furniture’s label, you should keep in mind that only dry cleaning “solvents” will do the trick. Do not use water as this type if furniture does not react well with water. After using the solvent, remember to blow dry the spot so it does not leave a solvent stain.

 A combination of both letters “S/W” means that you can use both (dry cleaning) solvents and water based products to clean your furniture’s stains. You can even use mild shampoo or detergent in some mild stains.

While there’s only so much you can do about stains, a furniture labeled with an “X” should only be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner or brushed gently. In severe cases of stains, this type of furniture is best left to professional cleaners. Using other types of cleaning products in this instance may cause more staining, fabric distortion and even shrinkage.

Remember to always check on your furniture codes before attempting to clean it with your regular cleaning solutions. For hard to clean furniture stains, there’s always your friendly professional cleaners to help you with.

It is best to have your upholstery professionally cleaned to be on the safe side and not ruin your furniture. Call SteamPlus today to schedule a professional upholstery cleaning.


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