carpet cleaning Myrtle BeachOriental carpets are investments that are as big as hardwood and needs their very own special care. You need to know how to care for your antique carpet so that it can last for a long time just like with any other large investment. These specific items are intended to be used but they are also extremely sensitive in terms of repair and maintenance. Even if they are subjected to a smaller amount of foot traffic, they still have to be cleaned every now and then. Cleaning must be done by a carpet cleaning company that has extensive experience with cleaning Oriental carpets as well as carpet repair. These carpets are often hand-woven using natural materials and dyes. Home carpet cleaners as well as other cleaning solutions are not suitable for Oriental rug cleaning and should be avoided to make sure that your priceless carpet can serve you for a very long time.

Keep in mind that although these carpets are a stunning art piece with a rich history, we cannot deny that these items were made to be used and walked on. An excellent analogy in terms of comparison is a brand new car, which has never left the garage. This can lead to unintended damage compared it taking it out for a drive regularly. While carpet gets walked on, they top layers gradually break, which makes it appear smoother and shiner. As opposed to synthetic rugs, subjecting these carpets to the sun’s rays can help the colors appear more noticeable and vibrant. These rugs aren’t easily harmed due to regular use. Damage is generally brought on by improper care as well as moth and beetle infestation.

Vacuum your rug each week using a new bag and switch off the beater brush, which can cause loose fibers to be pulled apart thus, making the rug more prone to tears. Vacuuming gets rid of dirt from the fibers and prevents them from being grinded and cut by the dirt. Keep away from the edges while vacuuming so that they don’t get damaged. Turn your carpet from time to time so it gets exposed to light uniformly and traffic isn’t concentrated on a single spot. Use water and a dry towel to immediately clean spills. Contact an expert in case a stain shows up on your rug. Practicing this kind of maintenance can help your carpet remain cleaner and decrease the likelihood of it getting worn out unevenly or requiring repair.

Oriental carpet cleaning Myrtle Beach must be conducted by a professional carpet cleaning company at least every two years. The cleaning frequency relies on the amount of foot traffic it receives. It is crucial to have cleaning executed by carpet cleaners because they know how to properly deal with dirt and broken fibers. They possess the knowledge, special techniques, as well as the right equipment. Having someone else clean your oriental carpet can be quite risky. If it is incorrectly done, the fibers and foundation can be harmed and damage. An expert cleaner will dust the rug to get rid of the dirt from the foundation, gently wash it, and then dry it under the most optimal settings. This kind of cleaning will make sure that its value is increased over time while remaining attractive as ever.

If you have Oriental carpets and you want to have it cleaned, callĀ  Steam Plus Carpet Cleaning. Our professional carpet cleaners will make sure that your Oriental rug remains clean and beautiful for a long time.

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